What's RobotQA?

How RobotQA works, what it can do for your business and what makes it different to other solutions.

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Written by Osman Raif Güneş Updated over a week ago

RobotQA helps you test your mobile hybrid and native applications on Android and IOS platforms.

Pyhsical mobile Device park

We have a Device park that is available to run mobile hybrid and native application tests. We are adding devices to our lab as new devices reach to to market. hello@robotqa.com.

  • Android and IOS: All RobotQA test types are compatible and can be runned on android and iOS devices.
  • Easy usage: Even if you do not have technical knowledge of tet automation, we provide no-code, no-script mobile application testing framework.

Artifical Intelligence on mobile testing

Just copy and paste your play store link of android application or upload iOS application from main page, and just wait for our e-mail containing your report of test. If you want a more detailed and successfull test, login to system and upload your tests.

Record and play test (Even on IOS)

You can test your application by using record and play test type.

Capture bugs before market

62% percent of users uninstall mobile applications if they get bug in first usage. Make your customers happy and provide highly satisfying applications.

Do you wannt to start testing your application?

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