What's app crawler testing?

What does RobotQA app crawler testing serve on your testing process? How does it make testing easy and what is the coverage of mobile app testing?

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Written by Osman Raif Güneş Updated over a week ago

If you do not have a team of testers and you do not have time to test your applications core functionalities, going to market probably will be a frightening process for you. To avoid negative feed back and quickly uninstall of your application at least an acceptance level test is required.

So what RobotQA crawling test does?

Crawling or may be scraping an application is the process of recognition of screen data like a real user. Think of a user who downloads a mobile application and without any training he/she will be able to use your application with the help of common sense (user ex). Just like real user RobotQA ai algorithms crawl your application and try to make the most humanly action on current screen. His process repeats till whole screens of your applications are tired.

How to start crawling test

You can upload your application after logging in to RobotQA. Go to tests, select your test type as "RobotQA App Crawler". Select devices to run your application. And wait to get test reports.

Providing test data to crawler test

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