What's Record And Play?

What and how can be achieved with the help of RobotQA record/play testing? How to use it? How to test application like an expert even without knowing coding?

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Written by Osman Raif Güneş Updated over a week ago

No need to know and learn any coding. Record and play will help you when testing your application.

Record and play is a test type based on RobotQA desktop applications. It records your all events. After finishing test, it converts them to json. All records are stored on cloud servers.

How to use?

  • Install desktop application: You have download and install RobotQA desktop application. After installing start the desktop application.
  • Select Device: Connect your mobile phone to computer. You will see the connected phones on the application. Select phone to test your mobile application.
  • Select Application: Select mobile application to test
  • Record: Click record button to start recording. This will automatically install selected application to selected phone. You can start record after installing application. Please be aware that record start after 'Recording starting' information label is gone. Do whatever you want on your device. Dekstop application records all of them.
  • Plan Test: Select devices from RobotQA Device park.

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