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Aviation industry
Istanbul, Turkey
Acceptance test of Turkish airlines app with 5m+ download.

Products used


Device farm

Test on real phyical devices.


Manual testing

Test on mobile devices on RobotQA device farm on cloud.

Turkish Airlines mobile app testing

The user acceptance team of Turkish Airlines, the airline that flies to most countries in the world, prefers for its manual tests.

Turkish Airlines had a big UAT team, which manually tested new app features on different phone models, and different operating system versions, which was time consuming. The team has different phones and phones are separated to everyone in the team. Some are working from home remotely and some are in the office. It was getting harder to collect and scatter the phones among the team members.

How We Fix It has a growing device park on cloud (nearly 70 devices now). We have a boutique approach to every corporate company. We open our devices to the Turkish Airlines UAT team and now the team can do all the manual tests in one click from home or office. They said this solution gave them a great relief to this device challenge that they faced.

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