Which type of test you should use?

There are four main types of test that RobotQA provides you. Please read to find right one for you. All test types are available for Android and IOS

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Written by Osman Raif Güneş Updated over a week ago

By considering size of your team, type of your application and the desired level of testing you can choose best test type for your application and team.

App crawler test is best for you.

app crawler test provides acceptance test. that is you will know if your application is providing minimal functionality to your users.

  • Artificial Intelligence supported screen recognition.
  • Install / uninstall test will be covered.
  • Different screen compatibility tests (tablet, phone, large or small screen) will be covered.
  • If you provide test data core functional tesing will be covered.
  • Infinite screen depth will be tested. which means probably all screens of your app will be tested.
  • Device report logs like cpu, memory, error logs, screen shots, screen capture and so on.
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Record test is best for you.

Record/play test helps you to test your application without writing any code and cover most of screens. You only need to learn json to edit your records.

  • All benefits from app crawler test type and ...
  • Fully editable json test scenarios. learn more.
  • WINDOWS or MAC desktop applications to record.
  • Multiple data set for scenarios. You will be able to provide multiple set of data for single record (for example multiple register data).
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Manual test is best for you.

With remote usage of physical devices on RobotQA Device park you can test your applications manually.

  • Control devices remotely just like you are testing on your desk, in your office.
  • Device report logs like cpu, memory, error logs, screen shots, screen capture and so on.
  • Lots device prolifications.
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Orchestration test is best for you.

You have a test team and automating your test using popular test framework. So you choose orchestration tests.

  • Use popular frameworks like appium espresso calabash
  • Device report logs like cpu, memory, error logs.
  • Lots device prolifications. No setup, no lab need.
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